Senior Business Analysist | Venezuelan Hamaca Heavy Oil Upgrader.
     Generated strategic plan for multi-billion dollar venture.
     Ran economic model for project, Real Options Valuation (ROV)
     data master, business plan author, synthesized above ground risk.

Property Sales | Geoscience coordinator for GOM Property Sales valued
     at $58 MM.

Development Geologist | Location generator for Shell Keys discovery
     Added over $100MM of value to GOM business unit.
     Added 60 BCF in reserves in 2 rig campaigns / drilling locations and
     workovers at Green Canyon 6.
     Offshore property experience including a variety of water depths and
     biostratigraphic ages:

          Green Canyon 6 (Kilauea) Pleistocene
          SL340 (Mound Point & Lighthouse Point) Miocene
          OCS310 (Tiger Shoal & Starfak) Miocene
          Eugene Island 193/208 (Tern) Pleistocene
          Eugene Island 266 Field Pliocene and Pleistocene

Employee Development | Recruiter for Texas A&M geology hires.
Created a series of successful college intern projects and mentored a
Caltex geologist on rotational assignment.

International Assignments | Northwest Australia Evaluation Team–
assigned to Exploration Production and Technology Department for 1993
evaluation of recoverable reserves for White Plains Management
Offshore Thailand 1994 / Sadao #1 wellsite geologist. Post-well evaluation
Frontier Exploration Division to test hydrocarbon migration into horst block.

Development well drilling